Today’s sermon was on how to be thankful as opposed to sinful. That the opposite to sinful desires such as covetousness, crude talk, and sexual immorality are thankfulness. The more you think about it, the more sense it makes.

To be thankful is to understand the grace we are given every day. Christ has fulfilled our every true need – defeating our covetous desires. He has reformed our hearts, instilling in us the desire to rid ourselves of crude and harsh talk. And He is our Groom, the only One who we can look to to supply any need.

Now with that all said we still sin. We are still tempted. We still live in this fallen world. But we are thankful for grace. We are thankful for love. We are thankful for the beauty that is The Lord God. We are thankful and we are struggling – and that’s a beautiful place to be.

I saw that grace a little bit today in two ways. Our meal was paid for by a fellow church member without us knowing. It was a humbling experience to know we were taken care of, and there was nothing we could do but be thankful. Then, when plans to hangout and see a movie fell through, due to being a part of a more full family, our friends understood and we worked around it. I think that was pretty gracious of them! 😉

I just pray that I strive to live my life daily around God’s grace towards me, and do my best to reflect that grace into the lives of those around me.


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