Oh, to be like the Thessalonians…

I read through 1 Thessalonians 1 this morning, and I had a couple of “take homes” I thought I’d share here.

1) Paul, and his companions in missions, were constantly praying for the people they encountered, and churches they planted. It says that they “were in prayer for [them] always. ” I know that I have a bad rep (internally) of forgetting to actually be in constant prayer for friends, family, and the Church at large when I say I will be. We live in a world constantly vying for our attention – and most times we allow it to be stolen. So let’s follow Paul’s example and seek to be in constant prayer for those we love, those we come in contact with, our enemies, and God’s Church – here and abroad.

2) Paul’s ministry has been made easier by one huge factor: the Thessalonians’ example among Asia Minor. Their faith is well renown. I work a secular job, in a practically Christless nation. My life needs to reflect this Light I profess. They were spoken about and praised the world over. While I never expect that kind of praise, I think it’s fair to strive to be seen in the light of Him! We are meant to be peculiar, different, special. Our lives, actions, words, thoughts need to make people ask, “what makes you special? Why do you act like that in the face of opposition?”

So. This week, how can you be special, peculiar, different to those around you?


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