My opinions – if they even matter nowadays

Here’s the deal. I want to be able to share my opinions. I have opinions on Duck Dynasty, the homosexual “situation” in general, abortion, politics, the American situation, religion… But as a Christian my views are practically pushed aside. I am either uneducated, ignorant, a bigot, hypocritical, indoctrinated, or just plain stupid. As a Christian, a Christian who views the Bible as true and full and clear and necessary I am different.

Now there are many who woefully argue that my complaint is unjust. That I am just blind to the world as it is, but I must ask you: when you think who gives this nation their information, do you think “the media”? If so, then you must admit that they are about as loving to true Christianity as they are to serial killers and terrorists. And that is no exaggeration. I challenge any reader to find 10 positive articles about a Christian who believes the whole Bible and speaks of it. And they need to be in the past 10 years. The more recent the better.

Odds are even if you do find them, that will be a long search. And so you see my dilemma. But let me be clear, it’s not that I care if you disagree with me. That honestly leads to a better conversation. What saddens me is that so few Americans today understand intellectual discourse. Everyone’s a scholar. If you have a computer screen and a loud enough keyboard you simply must have something important to say. And let me be clear: I am sort of embodying that “person” right now.

look at me, spouting my opinion with my screen and keyboard.

But I recognize it. And embrace it. And challenge others to talk to me about it.

I work with people I disagree with. I’m surrounded by the sin of this world, and that sin affects my own life as well! I’m pretty dang sinful. I can honestly look at my life and say that I have room for improvement, and I know God does not approve of many things I say, do, or even think (especially think). But that’s the thing, I’m a Christian. I see sin as sin. But the world doesn’t. Also, as a Christian I know full well that nothing I can do will make me right with God. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

So, to my friends who are all riled up about my words here, awesome; message me! To random readers who are in a blind rage in front of their computer screens, great; write me! But please, check your pithy one-liners and regurgitations of that “one guy” who had said that one awesome “thing.” Give me your thoughts. Back them up. Prepare yourself for discourse. Kind discourse. Because you must understand one thing about me, no matter how irritating I may find you, I will never hate you because we disagree. Never.

So, now I wait… Should be fun , right? 🙂


3 thoughts on “My opinions – if they even matter nowadays

  1. I don’t know where to begin, because you didn’t really offer the opinions on topics you might like to discuss. It’s a nice invitation, but I don’t know if what’s on the menu will be nourishing or not. I’m in the unenviable position of having to read between the lines, and I could easily misread your influences and biases, things we all have and must cope with. I don’t want to upset you. That won’t advance the solution to any problem, or a greater understanding of each other. So I’ll just offer some thoughts off the top (or back) of my head, in hopes I guess right on some of it.

    I don’t know what expression of Christianity you prefer, but it sounds like some Evangelistic variety. There are many kinds of Christians. Christians don’t all interpret the Bible to mean the same things. That’s not because some Christians are right and some are wrong. The Bible is not entirely written in clear. simple, unambiguous, non-symbolic language. There’s a reason they keep coming up with different translations of it. Truths are personal. Perception is reality.

    I do know a bit about the media. I’m married to a retired five-time Emmy-winning TV news writer. She’s not unfriendly to Christianity. In addition to Journalism and Political Science degrees, she has a Masters in Theology from Fuller Seminary. The thing is, today’s audience of readers and viewers do not really want information. That’s for academics and scientific researchers. Most people just want a good story. They want to be entertained, not to learn.

    So, over the decades, news outlets have shifted to provide what the audience wants: awesome footage of car chases, war and natural disasters, some kooky characters (Did you hear what that guy said?!), ending with a short “feel good” feature story. Those who prefer argument, and confuse op-ed with investigative journalism, can tune in to whichever 24-hour news channel confirms what they already believe is true. Aside from a few niches like public broadcasting and international broadcasts, most news outlets operate as a platform to advertise and sell products. It’s been many decades since news was designed to exist primarily as a public service.

    Being in, yet not of, the world is something people besides Christians struggle with. I’ve never heard of a job where all the employees agree on anything except the job you’re supposed to do while you’re there. I work at an Urgent Care clinic. If you can triage a patient properly and efficiently, I don’t care if you’re the next Martin Luther or Anton LaVey. I only need to know that you’re competent with the instruments, and ethical. If you’re there to spread the Gospel, please do so by helping us heal folks.

    The challenge to find positive stories about Christians is not difficult. The various Christian magazines like Christianity Today and Sojourners are full of them. It’s not the purpose of the MSM to do it though, for reasons explained above. As far as the rest of TV, the audience would far rather believe that a family of hunting equipment entrepreneurs who never wore beards or camo until they got a TV show – is “real”.

    1. Hah! Wow, I really wasn’t expecting any response. Whatsoever! I didn’t assume anyone outside my friends or family would read this. I appreciate your feedback too. I didn’t really insert any opinions simply because of the time of night and how long I knew it would take to really get into anything. I also didn’t want to come off as callous when I mean no ill feeling towards those I disagree with. That being said, I will again have to wait for a good long response until 2014. 😉 but I appreciate your response. It was a good reminder (and new info) about public media. Be looking for more response later! God bless and happy new year!

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