Why Microsoft gets me riled up

I’m just watching Hulu+ and a commercial comes on. Turns out it is from Microsoft. They are talking up a Windows based computer and how great Windows 8 is. That’s cool, you need to advertise your product if you want it to sell. However, this next part just frustrates the crud out of me…

With a very noticeable disdain in the person’s voice they bemoaned the lack of “Microsoft Office” or the ability to work offline on a Chromebook. But, ooh gosh, look at what the Windows computer can do?! How useless is that Chromebook? Look at it there… all… small and Microsoft-less. How can it even function?

Of course, to those who know me, you know how facetious I’m being right here. Microsoft and I have no good bonds whatsoever. Honestly the company as a whole (disregard their battles in the corporate/consumer world) just irritates me. Their attitude towards legitimate competition… their response to the competitions’ new products… Its just sad.

When the iPad Air was announced, alongside the upcoming Mavericks OS, then Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer released an open letter (fairly) viciously attacking his capitalist competitor. Deriding their work as trivial and basically useless. This was coming off of a terrible quarter of Surface sales. Like seriously… that tablet is garbage. But he was attacking the new iPad as the worst thing to hit market.

Then came the ads…

Microsoft just flat uses lies and deception in their commercials. I’m sure we have all seen the ads comparing the iPad to the Surface 2. It’s just one joke after another with the highest selling tablet among all options as the butt of the joke. Let me clear a few things up: Yes you CAN get a keyboard for iPads (and they cost less and do more than the Surface keyboard). No the Surface DOESN’T come with a keyboard. And YES Chromebooks CAN be used offline.

So Microsoft: learn to advertise your product INDEPENDENTLY of other competitors (ie Apple, Google). It’s sorta sad when you can only advertise your product by constantly “insulting” your biggest competition. We live in a capitalist country, your company exists in a capitalist country, for a reason. To meet the supply and demand of consumers. Obviously your demand has dropped dramatically since the 90’s Microsoft. Learn from your mistakes and change/adapt… Or relegate yourself to the sidelines as more innovative companies take the forefront.

(To a degree this could be the same for Apple. Google is really kicking your butt in the smartphone world guys).

I just needed to get that out there. Let me know your thoughts!